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So, I was inspired to start this journal by two people. The first opened me to the idea of writing my thoughts about a year ago. He's a new friend that really helped me to grow a lot. When things were a little difficult I actually started writing letters to him just to get out how I was feeling. I never sent them. And I never will. But somehow it was easier talking to a person. Even if I knew they'd never really read it.

The other person is the one who actually inspired me to start writing this kind of journal. Here. They are a person I only met for a few hours not that long ago. But she has sparked a few thoughts in me since we met. All of them positive and in some way life altering. I met her as a friend-of-a-friend, and I could tell right away she is the kind of friend you don't find very often. Other than her affection and warmth there was something that just kind of clicked and I was instantly comfortable with her. Not very common for me. By the time I left she had said a few really sweet things that lifted me up, and continued to do so a few times after as well. And she gives awesome hugs. It's almost a super-power.

What's funny is that she is studying to be a midwife. Not that strange. But she is the second inspirational woman I have met who is a midwife. And in both I can't say exactly what it is that inspires me. They both have qualities I look up to. But there's something else that draws me to them.

The other midwife I know is one of the most extraordinary women. She has three children. And delivered them all at home on her own. She was her own midwife and birthed her three kids by herself. Totally by choice. She'd cook her husband dinner , tell him it's on the oven, and disappear quietly into the bedroom. She'd come out a few hours later to show her husband their child, and he never even knew she'd given birth. All done naturally. That has always amazed me.
But it's not just that that inspires me.

In the same way, I was inspired to start this journal without really knowing why or to what purpose. Other than I was inspired to. And I'll just see where it goes.
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