Mar. 18th, 2014 12:54 am
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I'm not really sure if you can call this an update, as I've never put any of this kind of stuff out there before. But this is going to be a snapshot of where I'm at right now. Yes, I borrowed the headings.

With my family still. It's a pretty full house, having parents, brother, aunt and a housemate. Good thing it's a pretty big house. I know I'm lucky to be able to still live at home. There are a lot or perks. And it is a constant support network. But it has been getting more difficult. I'm growing and the people around me can't keep up with my changes. I need more independence. And I really need space. Hopefully I can find some more reliable work and I'll be able to move out by the middle of the year. I can't afford it on my job at the moment. Not unless I share. And to be honest, I really need space to be me. And unless the other person can accept all of me, no restrictions, then I need my own place. For a while at least.

I'm finally done with studying. I had my graduation ceremony about a month ago for my second and final degree. I now have a Juris Doctor (fancy name for a Law degree) as well as my Bachelor of Legal studies. I'm glad to put those eight years behind me. As for work, it is soo hard to find anything in my field without experience. Even a vaguely related job. But I finally have something. And I got passed the three-week training period. I'm glad to have the work, and the money, even if it is only part-time casual. It is also work experience in a similar area, I am at least working in the court building. But my job kinda sucks. There's a lot of pressure to perform at a pretty high standard. A lot to keep up with, time restrictions, and a 100% accuracy requirement.

The real downside of my job is having to listen to the scum of the earth. I have to hear stories of the very worst our country has to offer. It is not easy to listen to. I mean, sometimes you can tune the words out. But it makes me sick sometimes. Leaves me pretty low some days. And I haven't found the right pick-me-up for after work yet. But I decided I'm going to take it week at a time. See how long I can last. Earn some much needed money and get a little work experience while I keep looking for a better job. One day when it gets too much, I'll quit on the spot. I know I will.

I have actually had a little luck in this area for the first time ever. I have kind of stepped into a new community, and through a few welcoming people they have all opened up to me. It's nice to have a casual social life for a change. And I'm kind of seeing someone. I don't know what was intended when we started out (maybe a play partner) but somehow we're dating. And it's really nice. It's a totally new experience for me. I mean, we're not official, but we are dating. And playing. And both are really good. We are both a little shy and nervous with each other. But it's growing naturally. And we're talking more, which feels really good. Especially about the more personal things. And the awkward things. It's nice to share another part of me with someone. Our playtime it a little limited by his work commitments and mine to just weekends. And we still have to make things fit around everything else in life. But we're doing okay so far. Meeting once a week is comfortable. Even if I would prefer to chat a little more in between.

I'm planning to fond a better job and move out of home as soon as I can manage. Other than that, I can't plan very much at the moment. I'm going to see an interesting show in about 2 weeks and I'm hoping to find someone to go with me for a bit of fun. I'm also planning a trip to Melbourne for my first ever furry con in June. That will be a huge thing for me. So many big steps. Lots of new people, a few who I know of through the Perth community. Being away from everyone who doesn't accept all of me. Being somewhere with an open accepting community where I can totally let go and be all of me. Freely. I can't wait!

Nothing at the moment. I really want to start reading again. In high school I was reading 600 books a year. And my English teacher didn't believe me either. But she was a bitch. Studying law limited my leisure reading time a lot. But now I need to get back into it. I think I'll start off with an old favorite to get me in the swing before looking for something new. I haven't read a new book in too long.

Nothing. Literally. I haven't turned my TV on in months. I watch a few people on Youtube, but I've even started to lose interest in some of them recently. I'd like to pick up something to watch I can unwind with. Maybe follow up on a series I used to watch but got lost on. True Blood, Game of Thrones. Would be better if I had someone to watch with, or at least talk about it to.
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